Embarrassed to take a selfie because your smile is wonky?

Then stop by Presidential Dental Center

to find out if Invisalign is right for you!

What can Invisalign do for me?

  • Close the gap between your front teeth.

  • Prevent TMJ issues.

  • Fix your overall bite.

  • Stop you from biting your cheek.

  • Save your existing crowns and fillings.

  • Prevent possible tooth loss.

  • Keep your gums healthy.

  • Get you smiling again.

By getting a healthy functioning bite, you can prevent the need for future crowns, root canals and even tooth loss. If you get the bite right, then you've got a healthy smile that will preserve your existing restorations and increase the longevity of your teeth.

When you wear your Invisalign aligners, no one will ever know that you are straightening your teeth and correcting your bite. You basically live your current lifestyle and eat all the foods you love without having to sacrifice a thing!

So what exactly is Invisalign?

It is an alternative orthodontic treatment to traditional metal braces. It gently moves your teeth by using clear aligners that you can easily pop in and out of your mouth. This makes oral hygiene a cinch and you can maintain healthy gums while straightening your teeth!

How much does Invisalign cost?

The cost depends upon how jacked up your smile is and length of time needed to get it poppin' again. Most people take one year or less to complete their Invisalign treatment. With different financing options available, monthly payments could be as low as $265.00 (2 year payment plan).

Schedule an appointment and ask Dr. Wolff if you are a candidate for Invisalign®.