Discover the New Concept in Modern Dentistry at

Presidential Dental Center

From the moment you open the front door and set foot into our office, you'll feel the difference.

You won’t smell the typical dental office. Custom aromatherapy (natural essential oils) are gently pumped through the air conditioning system to tease your nose and relax your mind.

You won't see the typical waiting room.  With euro-modernism design features, the waiting area becomes your sanctuary as you enjoy complimentary bottled water, or freshly brewed coffee, tea or hot chocolate. You may also peruse one of our many lifestyle magazines for your reading pleasure, or use our free wi-fi to entertain yourself on your mobile phone or iPad.

You won't have a typical long wait. We are "By appointment only" because we value YOUR time, so wait times are typically 5 minutes or less.

You won't be seen in a typical dental treatment room. The euro-mod design continues throughout the operatories. Futuristic dental chairs with memory foam pillows will give you instant comfort. Custom mirrored backsplashes magnify the LED light therapy. Glossy tiled floors and sparkling chandeliers in each treatment room exudes a relaxed vibe to further calm your senses.

You won't have the typical wait time to meet the doctor. Dr. Melisande J. Wolff will be there to greet you immediately as you enter the treatment room.

You won’t have the typical five minutes or less doctor-patient interaction. Dr. Melisande J. Wolff will personally review your medical and dental history, thoroughly ask you about treatments you’ve had in the past and any medications you may be taking. She’ll also take your blood pressure reading and review exactly what will be happening for the next 60-90 minutes of your new patient experience. This way you’ll know exactly what to expect.

You won’t get the cursory exam in 10 minutes or less. Instead Dr. Wolff herself, with the aid of her assistant, will thoroughly gather all of your information pertaining to the current state of your oral health.

This includes the following:

- Meet Dr. Melisande Wolff personally

- Medical history review

- Take Blood Pressure (if necessary)

- Full mouth series of digital radiographs

- Full series of intraoral photographs

- Comprehensive periodontal examination

- Oral cancer screening

- TMJ examination

- Bite evaluation

- Full mouth charting (existing restorations, root canal, missing teeth, etc.)

- Diagnosis with full explanation and review of disease process

- Treatment options reviewed

After she has all the information necessary, Dr. Wolff will review the photos and all of her findings with you, then go over diagnoses for the teeth and gums, and finally give you her recommendations with regards to your different treatment options.

You won’t have the usual scenario where the dentist tells you what you need and then leaves the room. Dr. Wolff understands that every patient has different dental healthcare needs. That is why it is an integral part of the new patient experience that Dr. Wolff gives a customized dental treatment plan for each and every patient. She’ll also let you know what treatments are crucial to get done first and which ones can be done at a later date.  She will also discuss the risks associated if the treatment is delayed or not completed at all. Dr. Wolff will always give you all the information you require and then let YOU make an informed decision as to how you’d like to proceed. After all it is YOUR dental health, and YOU are in control of it, both at home and when visiting the dentist.

You won’t get ferried to another staff member as soon as the doctor leaves the room. If time allows, dental treatment may begin immediately the very same day. However, if there is no time to do so, Dr. Wolff will personally escort you to the reception counter where your next appointment will be scheduled.

You won’t get just dental treatment options at Presidential Dental Center. Dr. Wolff also performs facial rejuvenation treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers to give her patients the youthful, relaxed look they desire. So If you’d like a complimentary facial rejuvenation consultation, then Dr. Wolff will gladly include that at your new patient visit as well.

At Presidential Dental Center, we aim to make your New Patient Experience with us, as easy, comfortable and informative as possible.

We focus on one patient at a time...always. This is what Modern Dentistry should be and you can find it only with Dr. Wolff and her staff at Presidential Dental Center.

We are here to help you make your smile dreams come true.

Remember, a healthy smile is always in style!